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Customs Services


There are myriad requirements for customs clearance and continually changing regulations, so importing can be a complex process. At DK Express, we strive to make these procedures and transactions easy and cost-effective. We have the knowledge, experience, and the best brokers who will provide customized solutions tailored to your specific industry.

Research & Consulting

With the intricate and continually changing regulations of FDA, USDA, and Fish & Wildlife, importing can be a complex process. Businesses can face high risks as a result of noncompliance, such as restriction of import privileges and heavy monetary penalties. Thus, it is imperative to be aware of applicable laws and regulations before distributing products into the U.S. At DK Express, our consultation services encompass a spectrum of areas.

Selecting the most efficient and cost effective transportation option can be challenging. At DK Express, we work with you to create solutions that are flexible and result in the most highly reliable and customizable service in the industry.

Freight Services
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